About me

I’m a Professor and ARC Future Fellow in the School of Mathematical Sciences at the Queensland University of Technology, in Brisbane, where I’m a member of the Applied Mathematical Ecology Group (AMEG). I am interested in the behaviour and control of uncertain and complex dynamical systems, and in spatial aspects of ecology and conservation – particularly when multiple conservation actors (e.g., multiple NGOs) operate in a landscape.

I started my career in the JCU maths department (vale!), where I became interested in biological oceanography, particularly fish connectivity networks on the Great Barrier Reef. After graduating, I spent a year teaching secondary school in Malawi, and a year working for Sean Connolly, I began a PhD at the University of Queensland’s Mathematics Department in 2004, supervised by Hugh Possingham and Kevin Burrage.

After submitting my thesis I worked with Brendan Wintle and Mick McCarthy in QAECO at the University of Melbourne. I bounced between fellowships at the University of Melbourne (an ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship), the University of Queensland (a DECRA), and James Cook University (an ARC Future Fellowship), until I got a permanent position here at QUT.