About me

I am currently a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne’s School of Botany, where I am a principal investigator on the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions, and the NESP Threatened Species Hub. However, as of mid-2016 I will be taking up a position as Principal Research Fellow at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University. I am most interested in aspects of spatial planning, particularly those that involve interactions between multiple decision-makers. I also spend time thinking about less-applied ecology, particularly the dispersal ecology of coral reef ecosystems.

I graduated from James Cook University in 2001, from the Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. It was an applied mathematics department, and I became interested in biophysical oceanography during my honours year, particularly coral reef fish connectivity patterns on the Great Barrier Reef. The larval dispersal patterns were modelled by JCU’s Marine Modelling Unit, consisting of Lance Bode – my dad – Maurice James and Luciano Mason. After graduating, I spent a year teaching secondary school in Malawi, and following another year working as a Research Assistant for Sean Connolly, I began a PhD at the University of Queensland’s Mathematics Department in 2004, supervised by Hugh Possingham and Kevin Burrage.

After submitting my thesis I was employed until 2009 by Brendan Wintle and Mick McCarthy in the Applied Environmental Decision Analysis centre. In 2010 I was awarded an ARC postdoctoral fellowship, and in 2013 I started a second, DECRA fellowship